Digital transformation

The Role of Business Analysts in Project Success

In the intricate dance of project management, Business Analysts (BAs) emerge as the unsung heroes. Their multifaceted role involves bridging gaps,...

Team as a Service

Why do we need a BA?

This a question I’ve often been asked over the last 10 years. So I thought I’d give you an idea of what to expect when you bring in a business...

Cyber Security

What is cyber security?

Cyber security isn’t about just preventing cyber-attacks, it’s also about preparing for them. This means being able to detect an attack and deal with...

Customer Story

New partnership with the Potato People

We're happy to announce the start of a new partnership with Cockerill, one of the UK’s leading suppliers and packers of potatoes.

Digital transformation

7 risks to your data strategy

Business Intelligence (BI), the digitalised process of collecting and analysing data, is a driver for growth in every industry. Understand the risks...

Software Implementation

What makes a successful CRM implementation?

Consultant IT Director Ken Hampton has spent his career managing multiple IT operations. Here he shares a checklist of ten lessons learned from...


Join us: Project Manager

As a Project Manager you will work with our clients to understand and support the delivery of their strategic outcomes.


How business coaching helps us thrive

Fluid is a people company. At the heart of high performing teams is being able to talk openly. Business coaching helps us all move forward at pace.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation in food manufacturing

Fish processing firm Aquascot partnered with Fluid to realise their smart factory ambitions. In a year they digitalised production and quality...

IT and Digital Review

Should all of your systems be in the cloud?

The right IT infrastructure is one that meets the aspirations of the business growth plan, and provides responsive, reliable, scalable levels of...

Digital transformation

Solving the digital divide between SME businesses

In a world where business growth is increasingly dependent on digital and IT there is a growing divide between businesses that are technology-enabled...

IT and Digital Review

The accidental IT director's guide

The Fluid maturity framework is an overview of everything the non-technical IT director needs to consider when establishing or reviewing an IT...

Digital transformation

What does a modern IT function look like?

The importance of technology to business means SMEs require a modern IT function, capable of partnering with the business and harnessing cloud...

Digital transformation

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Seventy percent of organisations stall in the execution of their digital transformation programme* and the main reasons are resourcing issues and a...


Join us: Power Platform Developer

FluidIT is recruiting a Power Platform Developer who's open to all tech, excited to learn new tech and techniques, and is experienced in different...

IT and Digital Review

Whitby Seafoods: a fresh approach to IT

Whitby Seafoods activated a stalled ERP project and in five months the revitalised change programme delivered £500,000 in business benefits.

Digital transformation

People deliver or derail digital transformation

Simon Cookson, Co-Founder of Northern Value Creators and speaker at the Why IT Projects Fail webinar, breaks down why trust is vital in business...

Digital transformation

How Checkmate Fire made their data work for them

Fluid and Checkmate Fire partnered on a digital transformation programme to support the company’s rapid development and eight-year growth strategy.

Digital transformation

Digital for transformational growth

Webinars for leaders of SME businesses on digital transformation, data, process automation, digital and IT strategy and preparing people for success.


Fluid joins Candlelighters Team 500

Candlelighters is a Yorkshire charity supporting the families of children suffering from cancer. Fluid is pleased to join the businesses in this...


Join us: Business Analyst

FluidIT is hiring a business analyst with hands on delivery experience on change and IT programmes.


Team-as-a-service for ambitious businesses

Our clients have ambitious, innovative, strategic growth plans, but are frustrated by a range of barriers that prevent them from executing their...

IT and Digital Review

Making strategic IT advice affordable for SMEs

Fluid can offer part time fractional IT director as a service to give your board, senior management team and ops strategic IT advice and support

Join us: Lead Technical Consultant

FluidIT are looking for a lead technical consultant to join a fun growing and ambitious young digital consultancy


Manufacturing insights - driving change

Are manufacturers ready for change? In Fluid’s webinar Driving Change in the New Environment, they describe challenges and opportunities of COVID-19


Agility, data and process improvement

The webinar Driving Change in the New Environment explored how manufacturers can harness changes to drive success. Read on for insights from the...


O.P.E.N. for Change

The OPEN framework is a tool for manufacturers to identify challenges and opportunities.


Driving Change in the New Environment

A webinar aimed at manufacturing leaders looking to adapt to the current corona crisis and benefit from enhanced productivity, and better data...


Robotic process automation, data, tech

Manufacturers described the challenges and frustrations they face in getting ROI from these investments in Fluid’s online workshop, Digital Quick Wins

Digital transformation

Manufacturers: 3 responses to the crisis

According to Make UK, British manufacturing invests more money in R&D than any other sector, and manufacturers are quick to adopt new technologies.


Digital Quick Wins for Manufacturers

Our event series on how to effect small scale, incremental, affordable digital transformation at a pace that suits your business and delivers benefits

Team as a Service

Predictability and risk

Only 29 per cent of IT projects are successful*. Of the rest, about half get rescued and many fail completely. This webinar explores risk mitigation

IT and Digital Review

Digital and IT strategy with NG Bailey

The workshop enabled NG Bailey to enhance the business value in two transformation programmes, prioritising and scheduling deliverables for minimum...