Team-as-a-service for ambitious businesses

Our clients have ambitious, innovative, strategic growth plans, but are frustrated by a range of barriers that prevent them from executing their plans.

Ambitious trajectory, but no ignition

Typically our client's leaders have great vision and drive to succeed, but lack the capacity and IT expertise internally to deliver the change they need on time and at a quality that meets expectations. Here are common engine faults:

  • There's a system or solution that meets our needs, but we don't trust our suppler will perform and execute it 
  • We've got great ideas, but we don't know how to get started with delivery or what good project management is meant to look like
  • We know we could benefit from professional project delivery, but we're disappointed by how hard it is to get reliable people or the blend of skills we need
  • We have an ambitious change plan but we have nobody in the business with the time or capability to deliver it

So what's the outcome? Well, to avoid breaking the bank, more often than not responsibility falls to an often overstretched business unfamiliar with the common pitfalls of IT project delivery. Money might be saved, but the time spent is something we can never get back. 

Contract resources are always an option, but the contract market looks for full time contracts, with minimum 3-6 month engagements.  And of course, the blend of skills sets required for IT enabled change projects changes throughout the project life cycle, meaning repeated returns to the the contract market looking for other skills, with all the management overhead that this entails.

Before lift-off

Team-as-a-service gives you access to highly effective change management resources on a fractional (i.e. part time) basis. Whether you need help writing a business case and mobilising a project, your project has started and run into trouble, or your project just needs some top up resources to get things moving, our team can start small with a few days of support, but add big value.

As the project effort ramps up or hits spikes in delivery, project managers, business analysts and technical developers can scale up their support, and as things slow down, they won't stay hanging around costing you money. As the skills sets required by the project flex and change, you can access the talent and expertise from the right people, with the right knowledge, at the right time. You can focus on running the business and providing the vision, with the comfort of knowing that your ambitious strategic plan is in good hands.

One small step for man 

If any of these challenges resonate with you, then get in touch for an informal chat, and we can point you in the right direction.

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