Team-as-a-service for ambitious businesses

Our clients have ambitious, innovative, strategic growth plans, but are frustrated by a range of barriers that prevent them from executing their...


Manufacturing insights - driving change

Are manufacturers ready for change? In Fluid’s webinar Driving Change in the New Environment, they describe challenges and opportunities of COVID-19


Agility, data and process improvement

The webinar Driving Change in the New Environment explored how manufacturers can harness changes to drive success. Read on for insights from the...


O.P.E.N. for Change

The OPEN framework is a tool for manufacturers to identify challenges and opportunities.


Driving Change in the New Environment

A webinar aimed at manufacturing leaders looking to adapt to the current corona crisis and benefit from enhanced productivity, and better data...


Robotic process automation, data, tech

Manufacturers described the challenges and frustrations they face in getting ROI from these investments in Fluid’s online workshop, Digital Quick Wins

Digital transformation

Manufacturers: 3 responses to the crisis

According to Make UK, British manufacturing invests more money in R&D than any other sector, and manufacturers are quick to adopt new technologies.


Digital Quick Wins for Manufacturers

Our event series on how to effect small scale, incremental, affordable digital transformation at a pace that suits your business and delivers benefits