Driving Change in the New Environment

A webinar aimed at manufacturing leaders looking to adapt to the current corona crisis and benefit from enhanced productivity, and better data insights

Why should you attend?

COVID-19 has accelerated change across the manufacturing industry, forcing many businesses to question their current ways of working. As a manufacturing leader you’ve had to reassess your processes and consider new, more productive ways of working.

You want to start changing your business but change can be challenging – knowing where to start, how to implement change and then measure progress using quality data can all feel like daunting tasks .

You want to get change right first time, even during the disruption of a pandemic. This 60-minute webinar will show you how, using the workable framework OPEN.

What will you learn?

  • The ins and outs of OPEN, a 4-step process improvement framework that uses data to unlock productivity gains in your factory and make changes stick
  • How a manufacturer used the OPEN framework to make a saving of 56% in their logistics process
  • How a manufacturer of any size can leverage existing machinery and systems to get the data they need to make process improvement efforts work

Who will you hear from?

Steve Crow, Director, Clarion

One of the leading movers and shakers in the region, over many years Steve has developed a detailed understanding of structure and change dynamics, which he leverages to provide insights and opportunities for clients and contacts.

Jeremy Praud, Managing Director, LI Europe

Jeremy has 20+ years’ experience of working with more than 80 manufacturers.  His passion is breaking through limits in thinking about what manufacturers can achieve.

Howard Mould, Logistics Consultant, BGM

Howard has been building on his knowledge of the industry in all areas since 1984. In over 35 years, he’s experienced his fair share of operations from the good to the bad and to the ugly.

Waleed Shihadah, Management Consultant, FluidIT Consulting

Waleed partners with the senior leadership teams of great manufacturers who want to improve their businesses by leveraging technology and data but are unsure where to start.

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