Optimising customer experience with a fast-growing furniture retailer

In two months Fluid delivered a system ‘spec and select’ plus implementation of the new CRM. In six months the bespoke 3D planner was live online.

Moda Furnishings partnered with Fluid on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system spec, select and implementation plus delivery of a 3D space planner and Augmented Reality (AR) visualisation web app. Moda provides customers with the highest standards of product quality and delivery. They saw an opportunity to become a truly data-driven business with a single customer view for all touchpoints. Moda wanted to offer website customers the means to see the furniture in their own spaces via the 3D planner and AR tool.

Moda expands to meet rising customer demand

Outdoor furniture retailer Moda, backed by private equity investor Endless, has grown rapidly over the last few years. Moda has expanded its outdoor living product range and opened new showrooms across the UK to support the e-commerce-first trading model. In October 2021 the business launched a B2B proposition Moda Commercial, to meet increasing demand from specialist market sectors including hotels, golf clubs, resorts and healthcare.

A single customer view across all touchpoints and all channels

Moda’s rapid growth meant the company required a scalable CRM system to simplify business processes, optimise the customer experience, and optimise sales growth via automation. The business was already using Zendesk Support so it made sense to implement Zendesk Sell. Moda wanted to ensure the CRM would meet their requirements across finance and operations, their B2C offer and new B2B proposition, and flex and scale with their business while remaining competitive on price. They needed a cloud-based, mobile solution that would fully integrate with their existing systems and facilitate the business in continuing to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

“Moda has grown so quickly, it wasn’t just the technology piece we needed to address it was optimising business processes, coordination and project management. Fluid helped with a considerable amount of that.” Adam Khalel, Moda


Why Moda chose to work with Fluid

Fluid worked with Moda as one team. Fluid facilitated the spec and select of the new CRM and managed the project and suppliers to achieve to go-live within eight weeks. The bespoke 3D planner and AR tool went live in under six months.  

CRM spec, select and implementation is an in-depth, technical, decision and integration process. Fluid provided a team of experts across business analysis, project management and software development which Moda could dial up and down as required.  

The Spec and Select

Fluid’s business analyst got to work with stakeholder interviews, observations and workshops to understand the current processes and future needs. The project manager then approached potential CRM solution providers to assess whether they could meet Moda’s requirements on functionality and features. Selected vendors were invited to respond to a customised requirements pack and their solutions interrogated for functionality and suitability. The business chose Zendesk Sell and the team moved onto delivery.  

The Implementation

Within two months Zendesk Sell was fully integrated and fully implemented within Moda.  

“Fluid were very supportive working with Zendesk across time zones, handling third party integrations and plug-in applications.”  Adam Khalel, Moda

3D planner

Fluid provided light-touch project management on the development of a bespoke augmented reality application which was added onto Moda’s website, allowing customers at home to ‘see’ how furniture would look into their gardens before placing an order.

The results

Zendesk Sell was selected and implemented within two months. The bespoke 3D planner was live on the website within six. The business has a 360 degree view of the customer journey across all channels, optimising the customer experience and improving operational efficiency.  

Customers at home and in Moda’s showrooms can now ‘try before they buy’ through the AR application displaying their choice and combination of outdoor furniture in their space.

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