Neom Organics get ready for Christmas

Project Manager Amelia is helping Neom prepare for the festive rush.

Amelia joins the business two days a week and leads on project planning, process mapping and key readiness activities for a critical 2023 implementation. So the Neom team can get on with what they do best - making people feel good with an incredible range of wellness products.

Amelia has been invaluable in planning upcoming projects and getting on-going ones over the line. Her flexibility and adaptability to the tasks given have made a huge difference to our deliverables. As such we have extended her contract to help with key projects starting in the New Year.

Clare Jerome, Digital and Systems Manager, Neom Organics

Seasonal spikes in demand can be difficult to resource, especially when you need an experienced professional to hit the ground running. Fluid's team as a service is a flexible resource offering a mix of capabilities and skills on a fractional or part time basis.

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