Making strategic IT advice affordable for SMEs

Fluid can offer part time fractional IT director as a service to give your board, senior management team and ops strategic IT advice and support

For most businesses nowadays, IT is no longer just a support function that helps oil the cogs of the business, but an integral component of their business strategy that can make the difference between success and failure. IT has become a driver in reaching new markets, delivering new products, and streamlining operations.

Recognising the transformational potential of IT is one thing, having the internal capability to harness it is another entirely.

Telltale signs that you are being held back by a lack of strategic IT insight

  1. IT planning is an afterthought, rather than an integral part of your strategic planning processes. You have an ambitious strategy and growth plan but lack an IT plan to support it. Only when you execute this plan does your business uncover unforeseen IT limitations and dependencies.
  2. You can't see the wood for the trees. You are worried that your systems are no longer fit for purpose, but there are just too many factors to consider and too many areas needing improvement. Its difficult to know where to start.
  3. You don't feel in control.  You are worried about the speed and quality of the support you get, and whether the investment matches up against business returns. But without expert knowledge in IT, its hard to know if your suspicions are on the money. 
  4. Your IT department or IT suppliers aren't speaking your language. When prompted to demonstrate how IT investments are linked to business challenges and solutions, you get lengthy explanations from providers tied up in jargon and tech talk. 
  5. You're missing an important puzzle piece. Without a board level insight from an experienced IT professional, strategic IT risks and opportunities will continue to be an afterthought. But your company isn't big enough to warrant recruiting a permanent board level IT director

So what's the solution?

Fluid can support your business with affordable, fractional/part time IT director, Chief Information Office (CIO) or Chief Technology Office (CTO) as a service. We can work with your internal team or independently at an operational and/or strategic level.

Where we can help: 

  • Conduct an independent review of your current IT strategy, technology, suppliers and people
  • Carry out a technological due diligence review
  • Identify areas of information security risk
  • Provide an objective analysis of your IT suppliers
  • Single out any end of life systems and plan to avoid business interruption
  • Provide ideas and innovative solutions
  • Devise an IT strategy that delivers against your business goals and objectives
  • Coach, mentor or manage your IT team
  • Introduce risk based management for your IT
  • Implement a technology steering group to drive innovation and manage your technology
  • Identify and initiate projects to enhance business performance
  • Implement new technology to deliver business savings and transformation

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