IT Maturity webinar resources for non-technical directors

A 360° view of what good IT looks like for SME businesses. This is for CEOs and directors with responsibility for IT and limited technical experience.

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In this webinar we introduce the IT Maturity Framework, a means for business leaders to benchmark their current IT provision across all areas of the business.

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We demonstrate what good IT looks like for SME businesses, with guidance on how businesses can improve their IT maturity in order to manage risks and drive business growth.

Webinar takeaways

  • 360° view of what good IT looks like for SME businesses
  • Benchmark where your IT is, and where it needs to be
  • Identify and manage all the IT risks, and grasp opportunities for technology-enabled business growth

Directors with responsibility for IT in SME businesses often don’t have a technical background. They lean into the new role only to find IT suppliers talking riddles, the team’s frustrated with poor system performance and fears about cyber security keep them awake at night.

How do you to get a handle on what you need to do and why, and just as importantly, what you’re not going to do and why?

In this webinar we’re joined by Tom Ainscough from ZyroFisher, a PE-backed business. Tom is a supply chain specialist and operations director who took on responsibility for IT 12 months ago. He talks about the challenges, risks and opportunities in using IT and digital technologies to respond to the Covid-19 crisis and drive the growth of the business.

Tom initially hired FluidIT to deliver an IT due diligence and IT roadmap to support the business’s value creation plan.

Tom said, “I really appreciated getting a full picture, from an unbiased perspective, of exactly where the business was in terms of platforms, software and hardware, and the associated risks and opportunities.

“It allowed me to make decisions about where to invest resource. And we were able to plan and prioritise the deliverables based on the benefits to the business.”

Over the last 12 months ZyroFisher has innovated their way through the Covid crisis, from pivoting to remote-working a year ago , upgrading their ERP and improving security, and expanding from two to ten B2C websites.

FluidIT developed the IT Maturity Framework through our experience of working with small to medium business and gaining a holistic understanding of what good IT looks like for an SME. Using the framework business leaders can assess their company’s level of IT maturity, and benchmark their target level.

The framework is focused on technology-enabled business growth and managing IT risks and includes eight areas.

There are four areas of opportunity:

  • Digital and IT strategy, change delivery and governance
  • Business system capability and scalability
  • Digital transformation enablement
  • BI, data & integration

In this webinar the focus is on the four areas of risk:

  • IT infrastructure, disaster recovery & resilience
  • IT supplier capability and vendor management
  • Software development, IT policies, IT operations & IT support
  • Cyber security and GDPR

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