Fluid launches new digital and IT services to drive value for ambitious businesses

Small to medium enterprises are the engine of the UK economy.

Many of them don’t have in-house software development capability or IT leadership, for the good reason that they don’t need it all the time. Instead SMEs are driving demand for a partnership model of support from IT and digital consultancies. It’s a cost-effective way to draw in IT leadership and project delivery resource from a trusted partner who understands their business.  

Software implementation, custom digital solutions, team as a service and the digital and IT review are all geared to helping businesses achieve their technology ambitions. 

Fluid has announced the launch of four new product ranges for SMEs with services spanning from always free DIY offers, to expert guidance, to fully bespoke delivery. 

Software Implementation  

Introducing new software and systems can be disruptive, time-consuming and isn’t something businesses usually do. Making the right decision on selection and achieving timely implementation is critical to achieving the business value.  

Fluid is expert in ‘spec’, select and system implementation that’s on time, on budget and delivers the business benefits in efficiency, productivity and scale.  

DIY offer: Download the top three governance docs all good project managers use. 

Gain control and visibility of your software implementation: https://info.fluiditconsulting.co.uk/software-implementation   

Custom Digital Solutions 

Customised digital solutions are a low risk way to rapidly fix specific business problems. By digitalising one process you build an affordable custom solution with immediate benefits. Bespoke data dashboards, user-friendly apps that collect data and manage processes and automated manual tasks are all ways custom digital solutions improve efficiency. 

DIY offer: Work out what’s best for your business with 5-min demos on digitalising processes – how data dashboards work, how to automate manual processes and digitalise a production sheet.  

Get solutions that work for you: https://info.fluiditconsulting.co.uk/custom-digital-solutions 

Team as a Service 

Good people can be hard to find. Pick from our team of friendly digital and IT experts to get your job done quickly, efficiently and to a high quality standard. We’re a flexible and fractional resource -this means you can dial us up and down as the work gets done.  

DIY offer: Work out the blend of skill sets you need to achieve your business objectives. See job descriptions of essential team members from IT Director to Solutions Architect and Service Manager.  

Get the right people in your team: https://info.fluiditconsulting.co.uk/digital-team-as-a-service  

Digital and IT review 

Opportunities and risks don’t stand still. The digital and IT review is for business leaders to assess whether their IT provision is optimal, and to prioritise the best of your people, processes and technology.  

DIY offer: Download our digital and IT maturity model and use it to benchmark your business’s current performance across systems, security, data and digitalisation. Then take it to your leadership team for an informed discussion on priorities for technology investment. 

Find a review that works for you: 


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