Digital Scran for Hungry Businesses at Leeds Digital Festival 2020

Leeds Digital Festival event for growing SME businesses. 4 digital transformation takeaways: approaches that work, tools, techniques and industry stories.

When: 24 September 10am to 11am

Where: online

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As SME businesses grow they run into similar challenges where they find what’s worked in the past isn’t working so well anymore. We're bringing 4 digital takeaways for growing businesses to Leeds Digital Festival 2020.

Join our Director Gareth Murphy for an hour on approaches that work, useful tools and techniques and industry stories.

  1. Food for thought

You’ve got an ambitious growth strategy, great products and a strong team. What you need is an IT and digital strategy that drives transformational growth. It’s not just about ‘keeping the lights on’ with IT support any more.

Takeaway: top tips on where to start and how to see it through

  1. Leftovers recipe

Take a fresh look at your existing systems and technology. We’re willing to bet you can extend and enhance the capability of the investments you’ve already made.

Takeaway: tools to leverage existing systems

  1. Add some meat to the bones

You’ve been relying on good old-fashioned gut feeling to make operational decisions. Well done, it’s brought you this far. Get some meat on those bones, back up your business instincts with shit hot data analysis and management intelligence.

Takeaway: how to set the right KPIs plus tools for data insight

  1. Have a mouthful, then have another

IT programmes often go wrong when change is implemented all at once. In the old 'big bang', performance dips and the business benefits that looked so great are forgotten while teams struggle just to keep on track. We'll share a step by step approach that's low risk and delivers the return on investment.

Takeaway: how to prioritise and deliver the highest value returns first




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