July 25 2019

Solving the tech skills shortage

IT resource as a service. FluidIT operates across multiple clients and a range of industries and technologies.  We can plug in the specific skills sets our clients need, when they need them. 

Harvey Nash recently released the results of their annual CIO surveywhich shows wide-scale issues with IT skills shortages. Albert Ellis, CEO of Harvey Nash, reported the tech skills shortage is at its worst since 2008 and overall 67 per cent of all businesses surveyed have a critical shortage of IT and digital skills. It’s clear that something new needs to be done to address this – and quickly. 

So what are the options for businesses who are short of digital expertise?

In the traditional model an expensive team of consultants parachutes into the IT department, tears off a problem and fixes it over six, 12, or 18 months. Ultimately they pass the solution back to the staff and withdraw to do the same elsewhere. This doesn’t allow for legacy building, and only fixes one problem for the company. 

When a business needs more delivery staff FluidIT can help, flexing up or down to suit the ongoing requirements of the client. We add strength and depth to existing teams, working with and alongside permanent staff to knowledge share and build a long-lasting sustainable solution. 

FluidIT is a boutique management consultancy and we pack a punch.

We operate across multiple clients and a range of industries and technologies We offer IT Resource as a Service, allowing clients to plug in the specific skill sets they need.  For a small team we offer so much, and we’re in for the long haul.