Digital and IT strategy with NG Bailey

The workshop enabled NG Bailey to enhance the business value in two transformation programmes, prioritising and scheduling deliverables for minimum disruption and maximum efficiency.

"The VMOST session was very good in terms of getting the business thinking about the tactical activities linked to their strategy. The visualisation at the end was very powerful."

Neil Florence, Group Head of ICT, NG Bailey

NG Bailey is the UK’s leading independent engineering, construction and services business. The company’s vision is to create exceptional environments for present and future generations, and their mission is to responsibly design, build and maintain buildings, infrastructure and IT services. NG Bailey employs over 3000 people across the UK.

Understanding interdependencies and uniting business objectives

The NG Bailey Group had distinct major initiatives in progress that they were looking to bring together. The Facilities and Infrastructure Services division was in the process of transforming their business architecture and developing new ways of working. The ICT and Change departments were ready to bring their Group-wide systems’ transformation to Facilities and Infrastructure Services.

With two major vehicles for change making good progress and running in parallel the Heads of ICT and Change wanted to ensure the business fully understood the interdependencies and had identified all the opportunities for efficiencies in delivery. Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that both major initiatives and any associated smaller projects were united in their business objectives.

Aligning operational deliverables to the business vision

NG Bailey approached Fluid to facilitate their thinking on how to align the initiatives, improve communication between Facilities and Infrastructure Services and ICT and provide a mechanism for monitoring progress towards fulfilling business objectives. Fluid brought together representatives from the two initiatives and delivered a strategy workshop (VMOST). Fluid has a breadth of experience in using this technique to capture people’s ideas and sharpen them into a set of operational deliverables aligned directly to the business vision and mission.

Seeing the big picture and prioritising the detail

The workshop output, the VMOST board, gave NG Bailey greater insight of the overall business value in each iinitiative. This enabled NG Bailey to dovetail the two transformation programmes, prioritising and scheduling the combined deliverables for greater efficiency, minimum business disruption and maximum business value. The session also highlighted gaps in the work programme – showing where business objectives would not be met by current strategies allowing NG Bailey to take mitigating actions.

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