September 09 2019

Digital for manufacturers - all in a day's work

Small to medium manufacturing businesses can get quick returns on digital projects that fix problems fast. I know this sounds counter-intuitive for companies used to IT projects that drag on for years, cost a fortune, and in the end don't deliver what they thought they would.

FluidIT takes a totally new approach, one we've developed through working with SME manufacturers across the north of England. We help our clients pin down the top priority business problem and fix it fast. There's no massive cost outlay, and no long-term commitment.

There are loads of manufacturers out there who are fantastic at what they do, even though their key processes are still paper or excel-based, their core operating system is letting them down, and their strategic leaders are forced to make decisions based on unreliable and untimely data.

Manufacturers work with these challenges because experience tells them that in order to address the issues they'll need to go big. They'll have to risk capital expenditure on one brand new system - a silver bullet that will solve all their problems when it's launched in two years time. Only to find the IT system will be delayed, cost significantly more then they thought, and cause so much disruption to the business it will be months after go live before they start to see any benefit (if they ever do).

We want SME manufacturers to know there is a safer, cost-effective and tailored approach to business change that means they can start realising benefits within weeks. Our step by step work package approach means each micro project has a return on investment. This approach starts by leveraging what businesses already have, and getting the best out of their existing systems and people.